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While some jurists believe that a woman should observe the waiting period for three calendar months as well, others Custody over children tends to favor the mother if she has not remarried, but the father is still expected to provide childcare, unless the wife is able to take on the expenses herself.

Once a child is old enough, he or she is given the choice to decide who has custody.

In case of divorce women has to wait for three menstrual cycles.

Most jurists recommend waiting for the three menstrual cycles even for the iddah of a divorce through khula.

I do not blame Thabit for defects in his character or his religion, but I, being a Muslim, dislike to behave in un-Islamic manner if I remain with him." On that Allah's Apostle said to her, "Will you give back the garden which your husband has given you as Mahr?

" She said, "Yes." Then the Prophet ordered to Thabit, "O Thabit!

Technically, khula demands that the mahr already paid be returned along with any wedding gifts.

Many imams interpret this law only to apply if there is no fault on the husband.

These are the limits of Allah , so do not transgress them.In addition, if a husband cannot provide his wife with basic marital obligations, such as shelter or maintenance, a woman may be granted khula.The laws of khula in particular cannot be found in the Qur'an directly, so a Sharia court judge must discern from Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence historical cases what they believe to be valid reasons for divorce.This can effectively constrain her from seeking khula because they have no means to support themselves financially with the loss of their mahr and other wedding “gifts.” agree that husband's agreement is a basic procedure and essential to the granting of divorce, unless extenuating circumstances apply.While this is the prevailing interpretation, other interpretations suggest that the husband does not have to consent if the grounds of divorce are valid, such as cruelty (darar) or impotence (if undisclosed to bride at time of marriage).

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Views on role of the court and judge varies across schools, depending on whether or not the divorce is considered a type of talaq (husband's repudiation of the marriage) or judicial annulment.

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