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Ironically though, when we examine all of the many environmental influences and behaviors that shaped our genome, we arrive at a very simple list of general things our early ancestors did to become what and who they were and which allowed them to pass 99.9% of those genes down to us.In essence, this list is the original “Primal Blueprint” since it provided the only set of behaviors they knew – the exact behaviors that enabled then to shape their bodies into healthy, robust, happy beings.Of course, they did all this without the benefit of paved sidewalks or comfortable shoes.

One of the best examples is the huge – and expensive – race to identify all the new possible genetic variances (or SNPs) within the human genome that might predispose some of us to certain health conditions.

When times were scarce, they survived on fat stores.

This random or “non-linear” eating pattern kept their bodies in a constant state of preparedness.

You can have a tremendous impact on how your genes express themselves, simply by providing your cells the right environments.

All you need is a basic understanding of how your body works and a simple philosophical roadmap you can use to find answers to just about any questions of health and fitness – whether it involves personal choices or lifestyle adjustments or whether medical intervention might be appropriate.

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Meanwhile, the real secrets – and solutions – are contained within the DNA of every single one of our cells.

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