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Look the superwealthy do not create jobs by putting their tax cuts in interest earning accounts demand for supplies from people with money that they will spend create jobs.

They were basically saying that they would not listen to anything any experienced economy had to say about how to help the economy because they had a gut feeling the rich are the solution.

Try telling that to your credit card company when your next bill is due.

BTW, the democrats didn't pass a budget when they had the majority in Congress under Pelosi, and that was their decision since it was an election year.

As the clocks below tell us, the debt it still out of control.

But to see when and why this started, you might want to click the graph at the right and watch the You Tube debt video.

A common global price is the only way change self interests and gain cooperation.

I mean decreasing their taxes, ensuring fortune 500 companies pay next to nothing in income taxes, tax cuts like crazy. In order to pay for the Revolutionary War, we borrowed money from France and the Netherlands. government running, and much of it is borrowed money.Most types of Treasury securities are called “marketable” securities because they can be bought and sold in the secondary market after they are purchased from the Treasury. You will also see other important figures as you view the U. As of the end of the day on 03/20/2017 the United States National Debt stood at exactly ,845,901,777,612.08The National Debt is increasing this fiscal year at about ,639,735,136.00 per day or ,552.49 per second.The national debt is the amount of money our country owes. In order to operate with an annual budget deficit, the Treasury Department has to issue treasury bills, treasury notes and treasury bonds—essentially IOUs—to make up the difference.

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Don't be ignorant actually learn what is going on in our progressive/ socialist freaking government (federal any way).

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