Statistics on interracial dating 2016

Blacks are now substantially more likely than before to marry whites.

have climbed to 4.8 million - a record 1 in 12 - as a steady flow of new Asian and Hispanic immigrants expands the pool of prospective spouses.

"But America still has a long way to go." The figures come from previous censuses as well as the 2008-2010 American Community Survey, which surveys 3 million households annually.

The figures for "white" refer to those whites who are not of Hispanic ethnicity.

Both looked like they were in their late 20's no older. And as soon as I got out of earshot, I muttered to myself silently, "race mixer!

" I wish I had said that to the guy's face (and an epithet to the black gal).

"Mixed-race children have blurred America's color line.

They often interact with others on either side of the racial divide and frequently serve as brokers between friends and family members of different racial backgrounds," he said.

He doesn't feel constrained with whom he socially interacts or dates. That's compared to 17.1 percent of blacks and 9.4 percent of whites.You're exactly right, I see white male/Asian female couples often but nowhere near the amount of black male/white female.Judging by the bm/wf couples on the way they present themselves in public and other factors, it's quite obvious that most are not legally married so they wouldn't make this survey.Our enemies know how impressionable young White girls are, and they push this combination constantly; I'm no longer just seeing it in music videos, but in commercials and print ads, which formerly would not risk offending any potential consumers.An important thing to remember is that these statistics apply to marriage.

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Of the 275,500 new interracial marriages in 2010, 43 percent were white-Hispanic couples, 14.4 percent were white-Asian, 11.9 percent were white-black, and the remainder were other combinations.

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