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However, Que explains that this is absolutely not the case. Everybody thought it was Puff, but it wasn’t him; it was always Screwface I was talking about and that I had the problems with. When we had meetings at the label, I wasn’t invited to meetings. Yet even though the dust has now settled between Que and his former bandmates, their relationships remain slightly strained. Being part of such a tight unit, who we saw laugh together, cry together and grow from boys to men, as they embarked on the rags to riches journey that many young artists dream of, surely it must hurt not being a part of that anymore and also to lose four of his closest friends? That’s how I won the BET award, that’s who I got nominated for all these awards across the world with.’ Diddy Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard Another very close bond formed on Making the Band, was Que’s relationship with Dawn Richard.‘I never had a problem with Bad Boy’s contract – I understood that. I have a problem with that, because I’m an artist, this is my life. When asked if he is still contact with Willie, Brian, Mike and Robert, Que responds with a slightly mournful tone. I mean, we actually got into a conference call a couple of weeks ago, Willie set it up. I sent him a message basically saying, “Yo, I want to atone with you guys. We watched their first kiss and also saw the very closed and private Dawn finally open up to someone.I need to be in those meetings, I need to be in those conference calls, I need to know what’s going on… I know we kind of left on bad terms, but I want us all to be successful and I want us all to make it.” And Willie set up a conference call with the guys. Since Que’s split from Day26, the gushy Twitter messages between the couple almost instantly dried up and the rumour mill with regards to a split has since been in overdrive.Although his answers to our questions about Dawn are slightly evasive, we can confirm that Dawn and Que (affectionately dubbed ‘DQue’) are still very much a couple – hooray! The pressure of falling in love on TV and having to live out your relationship in the public eye hasn’t made the DQue love story any easier.Also unashamedly expressed was his church background and his love for God.Que very quickly emerged as the ‘nice one’ of the group and women all over the world – of all ages – couldn’t help but love him. Fans of the show were amazed as we witnessed a very dramatic change in Mr Mosley.‘Because of that, the group members wrote me a letter back in December (2009) saying, ‘We don’t want to work with you anymore.’ [Laughs] It was very random, and they had the lawyers sign it. The group members kicked me out.’ Goodbye His shock dismissal from Day26 and the discordant behaviour portrayed in the final series of Making the Band caused concern to grow for Que’s mental health not to mention his future.However, he assures us that there is nothing to worry about and that reality TV does not necessarily depict reality. They tried to make it look like I was making up things and all the time I was telling the truth.’ In discussion with the R&B star, his main bone of contention seems to lie with the band’s former manager, Screwface.

I’m not about to be a slave to his system.’ As much as no one wants to be ripped off, doesn’t it appear strange that only Que took issue with the business side of things, whereas the other four members of the group seemed to have no problem with their finances or management? I don’t know why they didn’t have a problem with it. I’m all for the illusion of hustling and doing it for fun, but I don’t like pretending.The brilliance behind such stars as Jodeci, Mary J Blige and Notorious B. Where other band members found it hard to cope not only with the very tough taskmaster that is Sean Combs, but also their newfound lifestyles and the sheer hard work involved with such a project, Que seemed to sail through the entire process, emerging without so much as a hair out of place. One of the band members, who managed to meet Diddy’s very high standards, was 22-year-old music graduate Qwanell Mosley, from Rochester, New York. ha From the TV screen, to ya CD decks, to ya ipods, ya mp3 We the best, number one! We can only display part of these lyrics to any suspicious robots due to licensing restrictions.

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‘I definitely think they did some crazy edits with that. ‘Yeah, we [Que and Screwface] had a lot of big arguments about the business side of things.

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