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Penndating com

” Which I won’t make fun of, because I don’t want Sean Penn to hunt me down and beat me like a used rug.

Sauna Session at Pottruck: The Sherr Pool in Pottruck’s lower level is equipped with a sexy sauna for students and visitors looking to warm up after a cold swim.

Avocado, chocolate, bananas, watermelons, arugula, honey, coffee, artichokes, Olive oil and strawberries are all scientifically–proven aphrodisiacs that can be found here.

Why not make a sexy fruit salad and spice up your Valentine's Day?

Don't let the constant influx of flashlights, security guards and ominous footsteps scare you; this treasure is under 24–hour surveillance at all times, but still proves to be a quick romantic getaway from the bustle of campus.

Take a quick dip and consider heating up your night inside this lavish Penn amenity.

Perhaps a bold (and potentially awkward) move for a first date, this idea is recommended for seasoned couples only.

“She gets him like no one else.” Here's hoping these soulmates reconcile for good!

Penn was spotted earlier this week playing tonsil hockey with actress Leila George in Hawaii, who is 32 years younger than Penn, which would also mean she’s a year younger than Penn’s daughter Dylan, according to the New York Daily News.

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But Rocco may not be the only one who has a bone to pick with Penn.

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