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Over 40 days, participants were challenged to recall a list of 72 words after 30-minute training sessions.

Before training, individuals could remember 26 to 30 words from the list.

Read More Whether we like to or not, we’re all gamblers.

Every waking moment, countless stem cells inside our bodies are dividing in order to replace worn out biological machinery.

Read More Some of the world’s first robotic police officers will reportedly hit the streets of Dubai in May.

Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, director of the Future Shaping Centre of Dubai Police, made the announcement Monday during a police forum held in the city.

Read More The majority of our cells die noble deaths; they cease to be once they’re damaged beyond repair.

They’ve partnered with the brewery to give the much-maligned concept of “toilet to tap” a tastier image.

But every time these perfectly healthy cells divide, roughly three mistakes occur in the genetic code—no one’s perfect.

These mutations, though unpredictable, are typically benign, but sometimes this molecular game of Roulette takes an unlucky turn.

Now, researchers are testing whether their peptide can extend lifespans and human safety studies are in the works.

Read More In the water cycle, what comes out of us eventually goes back in. That’s the idea behind a new beer from San Diego’s Stone Brewery made from the city’s recycled wastewater.

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After training sessions, method of loci groups remembered 35 more words, while the control group and N-back test recalled just 7 and 11 more words, respectively.

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