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Mango dating

By the time the strawberries were eaten, they would have released their juices and you’d be left with a delicious, sugary strawberry syrup to slop up. The first is a plain mango chutney–which was good itself, but definitely needed some improvement.The original recipe calls for 1.5 cups of vinegar to 2 pounds of mango.

During the summer, she’d always plop a nice bowl full of fresh strawberries in front of us kids, sprinkled with a big heap of sugar. This recipe is a combination of a couple different recipes.

While this may sound like a lot of people, it isn’t nearly as high as it should be.

According to the Food Standards Agency, around one third of UK consumers (that’s over 20m people) are prepared to eat food based on the way it looks and smells instead of checking its use-by date.

In all my memory–granted, that’s a little less than 30 years–I have never suffered through such a horrible, never-ending season. The -60 degree F (-51.1 degrees C, for all you non-American peeps out there) windchills not only made life miserable for me (actually, this winter life was miserable for nearly everyone!

) but it also took it’s toll on my beautiful gardens. It’s dead stems are still protruding out of the ground and I keep hoping maybe––they’ll send out some new, green shoots. I’ve been meaning to get a few new posts up on this space for quite a while now, but I’ve just been so busy with cleaning the yard/gardens, mulching, and planting.

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Then I set it aside and allow the fruit to macerate in it’s own juices for an hour or so.

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