Is dougie poynter still dating frankie sandford Sexchatting in malaysia

Is dougie poynter still dating frankie sandford

I've always had this thing about my friends and my family: that I haven't made enough time for them because I've been working since I was 12. He said, "I don't know what I can do for you." It was impossible to see whatanyonecould do. We had gigs in Ireland, and when we arrived at the hotel, I just walked in, closed all the curtains, turned off all the lights and went to bed. We had two meet-and-greets that day, a press run and two performances.I've always felt like I should have been a better friend. " Then, when we got back home, I told Wayne I wanted to go out to dinner; I was determined to be normal. Our manager took me out of the meet-and-greets - and the press run - so I just had the performances.And I've never been good at asserting myself; I've always avoided confrontation. It just gave me more time to think, and my mind was going at 100 miles an hour. On the way there, he went, "Just cheer up, will you? But all the time I was doing them, I just didn't want to be there. Just before we left, I did one meeting with a competition winner. Since childhood, I've been an over-thinker, and I used to make myself sick with worrying.It got to the point where I thought it would be better for everyone if I just went away. One morning, Wayne had gone training and one of the dogs was ill and pooed on the bed. I was her favourite, so I had to go, and I remember putting on a fake smile before I left the room. I'd always have stomach aches and breathing problems.So I had some counselling, which helped for a while - but when I felt a bit better, I stopped going. One night, I got upset because Wayne hadn't bought the right yoghurts; I managed to convince myself that he didn't know me at all.It set off this spiral of negative thinking - that if I disappeared, it wouldn't matter to anyone. I felt that I was worthless, that I was ugly, that I didn't deserve anything. Then I drove off on my own, thinking, 'I don't want to be here anymore, I just want to run away.' When Wayne got home, he found me on the floor, crying.But now, Dougie has decided to open up about the new love in his life.While Ellie was singing her heart out in Dublin, the handsome star dished the dirt at a Storm Model Management bash.

Despite the Mc Fly bassist shutting down the rumours, he and Ellie put on a rare show of public affection as they headed to the Soho House for a night out.

A doctor told me it's like having asthma: it's something you have; it's not going to go away. I remember during one session the psychologist made me and this guy have a confrontation, because we were both struggling to express ourselves. My doctor put it like this: "On medication you bob along and sometimes you dip, but you'll never sink."Did anyone judge you?

That made me feel better, but at the same time I thought, 'Why did I have to be the one who got depression? I thought it would be really uncomfortable, with all the furniture tied to the floor! I was so nervous, because I was 'Frankie from The Saturdays'.

Dougie, who beat Mark Wright to become King of the Jungle on 2011's I'm a Celebrity, was also spotted leaving Ellie's house earlier this week, although the popsters tried to maintain a platonic distance as they walked to another venue.

The hunk, who will be touring with Mc Busted this year, broke up with girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones after two years of dating in 2013, and previously dated The Saturdays hottie Frankie Sandford while in his teens.

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Mc Fly's Dougie Poynter has finally confirmed what we have all known for weeks – that he is starry eyed for Ellie Goulding.

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