I used data analytics to game online dating

This includes the optimization of talent acquisition - Moneyball style - as well as the measurement of company culture and staff engagement using big data tools.

For example, one company, Sociometric Solutions, puts sensors into employee name badges that can detect social dynamics in the workplace.

The sensors report on how employees move around the workplace, with whom they speak, and even the tone of voice they use when communicating.

One of the company's clients, Bank of America, noticed that its top performing employees at call centers were those who took breaks together.

They've also taken the data to the people, providing websites and apps that will display your day's stats, from how many runs you slalomed to how many vertical feet you traversed, which you can then share on social media or use to compete with family and friends.

Even government election campaigns can be optimized using big data analytics.

Along the way, Jungwoo discusses the importance of ethics and professional development, and provides pointers to online resources for learning more.

It’s summer and I needed some lighter reading whilst on vacation.

Ski resorts are even using data to understand and target their patrons.

For example, pausing longer on photos of men with facial hair would influence future selections. Yep, she even wrote her about methodical approach to online dating in “Data: A Love Story.” Of course, if love doesn’t sell, then sex certainly does.

“Mining the ‘big data’ of sex” culls a few conversational tidbits from “Dollars and Sex” by economist Marina Adshade. Relying on math and machines for matchmaking is convenient but, so far, few stats to support if these matches achieve long-term compatibility.

The career opportunities in data science, big data, and analytics are growing dramatically.

These are among the most sought-after jobs in the tech world today.

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Stats such as shorter women and taller men received more attention, and curvy women had a higher sex drive than slender women were backed with both data and approach.

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