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A second or third go round won’t give you the same rich opiod hit. The system makes the brain efficient, and according to Biederman, it also makes us crave stimulation. So just like you thought, those people who tell you they never get bored and you’re boring because you’re bored are telling you about their superiority.Perpetually bored people mess up their lives when they drop out of school, change jobs too often or ditch good marriages.The feelings that you say you feel are all just a charade, Never once have you been genuine, never let down your guard. But I’m the one whose laughing now, I’m the one that’s real, I have the ability to love and to care, the ability to feel. You’ll never be more than a shadow, a watery reflection in the mirror, And by default I am everything you’re not; I’ll always be the winner. I hate it when people say, “I never get bored.” The other phrase I hate is “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” I work hard to make conversations and situations as interesting for myself as I can. Irving Biederman, a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, my problem involves opioids, a chemical in the brain that gives us pleasure.

It could be anybody that has what he wants and needs (and thinks he has a right to) It isn’t that you are stupid or weak to have believed in him. This can be difficult, when you are stuck in confusion. You will gain answers in other ways, by learning about the disorder, and if you talk to other people who have been involved with a sociopath, you will realise that every sociopath does the same thing. If you read about sociopathy, you will realise that whilst your experience was not a normal experience for you.

Some people say they like doing the same thing over and over.

Biederman believes that repetition is a way of reducing anxiety. D., book, "DISSOLVING the EGO, REALIZING the SELF". So if opioids are released during new experiences, and the brain is supposedly hardwired to seek out more - would that mean people who are pre-disposed to addiction are more prone to boredom than non-addicts?

To stoke your inner opioids, keep trying new things, or delve deeper into an area you already know and love, triggering fresh insights. “The best way not to be bored is to do what you like doing, typically something you’re good at.” . When you TRULY UNDERSTAND, what has been writen, your life will change forever, & you'll NEVER, EVER, get bored again. I wonder this because I’ve observed it in my own life.

To understand why people get bored, read books about your ego. I have several friends who’ve been addicted to various substances throughout their lives; and have heard each complain frequently about boredom.

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Something in my brain just doesn’t crave that “next high” - it accepts that the highs in life will come and go, without trying to force them or seek them out. I live in a very rural area so if I want to do anything with my family, we have to travel.

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