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First it is performed a transvaginal oocyte retrieval in woman who will provide the eggs, using hormones to stimulate the ovaries to obtain more than one egg at once.

The cycle is monitored using tests and scans until follicles reach the correct number and size.

Especially, for those looking to undertake a fertility treatment Costa Blanca presents an ideal region making it possible to take advantage of the healing properties of the Mediterranean environment due to presence of salt lakes and relatively low humidity.

Additionally, the great presence of negative ions in the air of the Costa Blanca region positively affects both mental health and physical comfort.

The MUGA scan has been used for decades to evaluate global and regional wall motion, to calculate the excursion of blood from the left or right ventricles, determine ventricular volumes and to obtain a stroke volume ratio.

With the first pass technique we may quickly assess wall motion abnormalities, left and right ejection fractions and ventricular volumes, calculate transit times and cardiac output and evaluate intracardiac shunts.

Because more sophisticated equipment is needed to perform the first pass exam correctly, the planar MUGA scan is more commonly found in the average nuclear medicine department or testing office.

ROPA (Reception of ovocytes of the partner) is a technique where one of the women of the couple is the one that undergoes ovarian stimulation and puncture foliclar for collecting oocytes, these will be inseminated with donor sperm and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the partner.

On transfer day, embryos showing the best signs of developing are selected and inserted deep inside the uterus of the woman who will receive the embryos. According to the Spanish legislation, “all women over 18 and with full legal capacity may be the recipient or user of the techniques covered in this law regardless of marital status and sexual orientation”.

Following the intravascular injection of the radiotracer, the passage of radioactivity through the cardiopulmonary chambers is monitored by a scintillation camera, and images are sequentially recorded on computer disk.

Images of the initial-transit or first pass of radioactivity and equilibrium blood pool pictures are assessed qualitatively and/or quantitatively.

The initiative, promoted by the World Heart Federation, offers some thoughts and actions to prevent heart disease and stroke, creating healthy heart environments. Contrary to common belief, women A british patient, 67 years old has been submitted to a thrombectomy, by the team of interventional neuroradiology of the IMED Hospitals with satisfactory results.

IMED Levante Hospital continues to demonstrate that it has his protocol ‘Ictus Code’ perfectly organized that articulates different areas of the hospital to provide a quick and effective response to cases of stroke.


Insemination of oocytes is performed by ICSI (microinjection of a sperm into each mature egg), a procedure where a sperm is injected directly into each egg.

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