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Finn balor sex hookup

He's making his way through the CWC like a fucking anteater! Jack Gallagher, yeah I know, I was surprised too; Clement Petiot, Damien Slater and Tyson Dux.""Fuck..." Cody gasped, "He really is a hoe. You'll be amazed how many will go gay for a night just to get some action without the work of getting a ring rat.""Zack IS a ring rat! Sometimes you had to do stuff that shit you up to impress the one you loved, Karl conceded. But his tag partner had offered to wait outside the card shop incase any trouble occured..if Karl got cold feet. Finn padded over to the scowling redhead."Hi," he said amiably."Fergal. So pardon me for not worshipping the ground you walk on today.""Sami for fucks sake, usually it's you giving me a dressing down for being a bitchy queen. Sami held his cheek and stared, chest heaving in and out, at the pretty Celt."What happened to you? You'd feel so much better if you just told Kevin how you feel. You just need to grow a set and tell Kevin straight. The bed creaked and crashed as Sami really went for it, lost in his fantasy, gripping Darren's pecs tight." you little slut...""AHHHH! It's not the same.""I legit thought Wilder was gonna fucking fall for you.""I was helping out a friend who was exploring his sexuality.

" snorted Cody, "I mean...could tell he was a slut by the way he rode me but fuck... Plan B had been to get Becky Lynch to buy the card on Karl's behalf."I went through hell to buy that," Karl grunted."It means much more to me that you stepped way out your comfort zone just to do this for me," Finn sighed, "I love you.""Fucking better do after that," Karl teased before kissing him. But he wasn't here for the OTT displays with Machine Gun. Happy birthday," grunted Sami, not looking at him."Not got me a present? " Finn gasped, "I've never known you to be like this, Sami. At least he'll know.""But he won't leave his fucking stunning wife and beautiful children for me...""I know. Let's just call my last meet with him a mid-term assessment.

Finn, Nick Miller, Bayley, Dash Wilder and Carmella all had been papped. Fans were expressing amusement, incredulity and derision in equal measure. ""Oh EXCUSE ME BEN, I'm SO SORRY I'm feeling shitty because I lost a man who I thought fucking LOVED ME whilst you went and porked the office bicycle," erupted Sami, "Do you really expect me to welcome you back with open arms? He'd looked legit amazed Sami had hit him up at work. It was either hide in Darren's room or just face whomever this was and hope they didn't quiz him on his dishevelled appearance. At least Sami knew who the rival loud fuckers were next door now.

Along with CWC talents Zack Sabre Junior, Noam Dar and former WWE talent Cody Rhodes. Many 'stans' were doing the usual 'SCREAMING' 'dead' 'omfg' type tweets, whilst hardcore indie, long term fans were going off on Finn, calling him a fag."What have you done? Especially since Cody had quit and Paige got her taste for dick back. You would pick MY birthday to make your irrelevant return! He'd totally used Darren as nothing more than a living dildo. And Sami had just pretended to be interested in the idle chit chat that led to last night's rampant shenanigans. The look in Finn's eyes last night still haunted him. The door opened and, to Sami's horror, Karl Anderson appeared, followed, naturally, by Finn Balor. He should have known by those screams having been an ex of Finn himself."Zayn," grunted Karl."Morning," Sami replied, trying to appear innocent. ""I'm a single man and I can fuck who I like.""But I know you are doing this to prove some twisted point.""Really?

"The Irish-accented scream rang through the WWE Performance Center like a klaxon."What on earth?


I had to take poor wee Jack down the clap clinic because he got so paranoid about getting pozzed.""EW... Yet you fucking henpecked him to death because he wasn't giving you what Kevin had. The sounds of rather rampant sex were sounding from the room next door. Why not help compete with the inconsiderate pricks next door? And his daughter is ADORBS, almost makes me broody.""You've made THAT step? He brought her to Comic Con," Cody said, "Introduced me as an uncle.""Sounds like he's getting serious about you..I dunno what's with Sami lately," Finn said, "Even when he was with you..couldn't wait to hop into bed with Cesaro and Sheamus.""I know, we sort of agreed to open up once I'd quit but I didn't think he'd do it that fast," Cody said, "Hence why it didn't take much convincing to bang ZSJ.""I hope they film your match," Finn said, "The tension between you two will be electric. ""Yeah, he's started Whats Apping me again," Cody said, "Maybe I left an's just to figure out our match next month.""He was asking about you at the PC," Finn said, "But if I were you, be dog wide of him. I'm impressed," Finn said, "Anyhoo, we'll catch up at the NXT Texas tour. Or Zack Sabre Junior had gotten his claws into him! It was time to hang up his fuck-me-pumps and grow up a bit. Karl did feel a little silly waiting here like this but he was going to claim Finn all to himself now. Be a darlin and get me something to put these flowers in? But quickly found his tongue."It's pathetic, all that disgustingness with Anderson when you basically fucked your way around the Performance Center and half the British indie scene these past few months," Sami snarled, "Acting like a desperate whore at 35 isn't cute, Fergal. " Sami covered his ears and paced Catering, "NOT LISTENING! ""Oh for..." Finn was losing his patience fast, "I never thought I'd see the day . You just chucked him because you couldn't have the white picket fence lifestyle and compete with Kevin. Though the bearish guy he'd found on Friday had been terrifyingly Kevin-esque in appearance. So he could entice Finn away from all his PC and indie toyboys by learning to fuck him mid-air. " Finn was filming himself riding, "Like my Irish ass on yer cock? I know he's my friend but like I said when you had him, he'll just spit you out once he's shot his load. Daivari's brother, Tony Nese, Ibushi," Finn said, "I could have murdered him for that.""Lemme guess, you've had Ibushi too? A few of my exes are in this tournament silly," Finn giggled, "Who else has Zack rode... ""They don't, but far from home and a hole to shoot in, why not," Finn said, "Indie wrestlers are like raging bulls. ""No you idiot, Noam," Finn said, "We met up for lunch and a cup of tea the other day. And Noam said he's the best he's ever had.""I think he's found himself a handler," Cody said, "By the way, what's the situation with whats-his-face.. Plus nobody else on the Raw roster interested him sexually. And was it worth it or what when he had arms full of beautiful Irish man."Love you," he whispered."Can't believe you did all this for me.." Finn's green eyes sparkled, "Wow...thank you so much darlin.."He began to open the card. Karl had had a nightmare buying it as he was so afraid the cashier would kick off about a man buying a boyfriend card but he knew that Finn loved it when he displayed public affection. " Finn gave him puppy dog eyes."Sure," Karl was glowering at Sami. Just because he was bitter and single, didn't give him the right to shit on their happiness. " erupted Sami, "You don't have to deal with working with your fucking ex every day! One, YOU dumped Neville, two, Tye Dillinger was too intelligent to fall for your showmance scheme and three, you were the one who dropped your knickers for Cesaro and Sheamus first! You're just a prettier version of Rat Skank.""Imma let you finish Zayn," snapped FInn, but he went and landed a vicious bitch slap that knocked the redhead off balance briefly. Forcing Neville into wifing you won't help you get over him. He'd jacked off to so much porn on the road that involved mid-air fucking. And judging by the screams that Finn had been letting out, Karl had passed with flying colours! " Karl asked."Oh Chad...course I am.""I did get a seemed like you were hooking up every day.""It was always just sex Chad. And he'd seen something that did not sit well with him. There was her thinking someone in wrestling had legit screwed him over!He was hissing through his nose."Hey...what's the matter? And she bet she knew what this had something to do with.

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I'm a big boy Bayley."He sashayed defiantly away and towards the meetings office."SIT! Finn did so."Explain," Matt snarled."I'm not allowed to express my opinon on my own Twitter? He might still be haplessly in love with Sami..he was done with being henpecked. " he snapped, pushing his long dark brown hair back over his head, "You think having a fella is about control. Fucks sake man, he even said he would have suggested you reach out to me! Sami's heart must be breaking."Get the fuck away from me! " spat Cesaro as Neville passed him."None of your fucking business. They were watching the draft show live, because obviously 6 NXT picks were being drafted. He beamed from ear to ear as his colleagues (the ones who didn't hate him) congratulated him and Matt Bloom came walking over to present him with a bright red t-shirt."Thank you...thank you," he whispered into the large coach's shoulder."I know you've been waiting for this," Matt replied, "You deserve it man."Finn stripped off his Cut and Sew Apparel tee (several NXT talents ogled his delicious torso) and replaced it with the Raw tee."Can I go call my ma and da? He even sucked his thumb."Go on then," Matt said, "Be quick.""I don't want to miss this, I want to see where Sami gets drafted! He sashayed happily out of the room to find a quiet space to Facetime his parents."YAAAAAAAAS! So they hadn't had many chances to really let loose and get vocal. Finn was screaming his head off, coated in sweat and scarlet with exertion but he kept gamely in, willing his prostate to just give in and allow him to climax..could feel it bubbling inside him..on...he'd forgotten about next door now and just focused solely on Karl's big cock buried in his arse. You'll probably pretend I'm Kevin."Sami shifted guiltily. This isn't normal," Finn was pacing the floor, "You telling me..picked up Darren so you could act out a fantasy of sleeping with a man you can't have...""And? It's consumed you.""Hadn't you better get your hunties together to spill the tea?! The redhead was so taken aback by Finn's reaction..leaned into the small man and simply broke."Sami..." sniffled Finn, heart breaking for his friend, " it's out... Sami's match with Kevin at Battleground was an absolute barnstormer. He'd bottled this passion for his longtime friend for a decade. Says breakfast served to guests only.""Fine, we'll find a cafe in town.""Fergal the flight...can't we just eat at the airport?

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