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However it is not necessary to do this, as most people now recognize they have received a form letter refusal.It is perfectly acceptable in Internet dating etiquette for either a man or woman to initiate a request for a date. However, anyone requesting a date should not take a failure to reply as an insult.The first few Internet dates with a person should focus on getting to know the person.These are not the times to start rabid political diatribes, or campaign for the benefits of euthanasia.After all, if someone introduced us (out in the real world), the guy would show some semblance of politeness. It isn’t you–it is the other side that doesn’t know how to behave properly.On occasion, I’ve contacted the guy a second time and expressed my disappointment in their not answering, and usually, when prodded, they do write something. Instead look at it from a positive POV; you found out they lack common courtesy even before you wasted another moment.There is nothing you can do but to continue being you.We can’t control other’s behavior and I would look at it that if they didn’t respond they probably are not the type of guy who shares your beliefs on how to treat others anyway. They are the ones loosing out on someone who has manners and courtesy–which are rare commodities in this day and age where we live in a culture of “me, me, everything is about me.” I know it is easier said than done but don’t take it personally.

Internet dating is on the rise with well over 1,000 dating sites available online.

For example, if one meets a hang-glider enthusiast but one is afraid of heights, don’t fake an interest in an activity in which one would never take part.

While Internet dating etiquette suggests being honest, one may be too honest.

Aside from a picture, your date has to judge you by the words he or she uses.

Use spell-check if needed, although the occasional typo is acceptable.

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Confusions about Internet dating etiquette have arisen, since this form of dating has gained in popularity. Most importantly, one should be concerned with personal safety.

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