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Paul Giamatti is Eugene Landy, the doctor who kept Wilson under his autocratic thumb, with Elizabeth Banks as the woman who rode the wave in to save Wilson from his demons.The scenes recreating how Wilson turned the sounds in his head into music that has become part of rock history are outstanding.Ruffalo told me the film will shoot in Boston and in Toronto.Michael Keaton and Rachel Mc Adams are his co-stars.Also recommended: by Robert Cialdini: First of all, a warning: Make sure you get the book with the white cover (subtitled The Psychology of Persuasion), not the red cover (subtitled Science and Practice).In the book, psychology professor Cialdini examines the shortcuts that people use to make decisions, then distills the tactics of persuasion to six key psychological principles.The books by Richard Bandler and John Grinder may be the bedrock of NLP, but Introducing NLP is the place to go for not just a primer on the concepts, but also enough in-depth knowledge to put the key ones into practice.

Meanwhile, Mr Turner will feature in the New York Film Festival later this month, and will be lauded at a major gala during the BFI London Film Festival.

Here are the top books to read to start understanding and internalizing the fundamental principles: 1. And, in fact, the journey many men are on is not just about finding women, but finding unshakeable self-esteem that derives from within (not from the opinions or responses of others)—and this is the book that basically defined the modern idea of self-esteem.

by Nathaniel Branden: Despite what they may say, women do not actually look for confidence in a man. I recommend starting with the abridged audio version, then following it by reading the actual book to best internalize the ideas. by Robert Greene: This classic tome collects and analyzes some of history’s greatest seducers and seductions, and provides a great framework for understanding the types of seducers, seducees, and techniques used.

Many people who’ve read want to know what books influenced me as I was learning.

And I’ve often recommended some of the following books.

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Spall has already won the best actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his role. I’m always amazed how Leigh works with his actors so they can disappear into their roles, leaving nothing of themselves behind. Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfield and Muna Otaru, who star in Daniel Barber’s film The Keeping Room, about three Southern women in peril during the American Civil War.

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