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Even if just one spouse working alone can do lots to make the marriage recover and even flourish.Here’s an example of how to save a relationship straight from Dr. This is based on a common story she sees in her marriage counseling practice... Heitler sees couples in this situation, she recommends using the 3-L’s cure for how to save a relationship.

It almost always takes a major episode or announcement for most couples to take their problems seriously and make that first marriage counseling appointment.With a marriage in that sort of condition, it should be obvious that teaching communication skills and asking them to have more date nights is not going to do the trick.Instead, the couple has a stage four (metastasized) marital cancer and they're bringing their relationship in nanoseconds before it takes its last breath.Finally, Sam decided they had had enough of being in marriage limbo. A positive and loving attitude is the key part of how to save a relationship.Love is sharing thoughts and concerns, coming clean about mistakes, and appreciating each other.

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Laura and Sam were sick to death of their marriage. I think that’s why I’ve stayed in this situation…I can’t bear the idea of divorce.” Sam and Laura had the right idea: focus on starting a marriage, not ending one. Instead of trying to prove her way is right, Laura starts to really listen to her husband’s concerns.

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