Datingrant com

Datingrant com

Because you do have to find someone that is not only right for you but for your child.

Dating gives people the oppurtunity to put on a front, its only when you spend serious time around this person do you find that he or she is right, its just so tiring.

Even when I stopped him and said this is not where I want to go at this point.

He agreed and then on subsequent dates, continued to try and make moves. There may not be someone for me now because I am so picky because I have my girls to think about. I went on a first date over a week ago and never heard anything from him!

lol Wow, it is so nice and refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one who prefers to be single!

I am literally the LAST person out of ALL of my girlfriends who is not married, but my son is 3 (the oldest of the group) and honestly, I feel so conflicted about dating.

Thanks all for the board, will spend more time here. Last date I was on, we went out and had a drink and then ventured to this really nice seafood restaurant, but they were PACKED, so we had to wait.

I just have no interest in dating - which just perplexes my friends.Being a single mom has made me stronger, more passionate, and happier than ever before.Dating is a joke and why waste time with jokes when I have a wonderful 10 year man at home who makes me laugh harder, louder, and loves me unconditionally. I have dated, but it's like an act of congress to get it set up.Sometimes I get frustrated and feel like it's a waste of time and money, taking away from my hobbies.I spend 3 days/week with my daughter and that is fixed, so that only leaves four nights to date...

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I remind myself that 1 day I don't want to be a burden on my daughter of not having my own life. How do you feel it harmed you to have that much focus on you? She has two great parents and has become a lovely young adult, and that is the one criticism I've heard her level at them. I live with no regrets and I fear that if I consume myself in finding "Mr.

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