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The earliest examples for marking grave sites with a hill are seen in Central Asia with the kurgans in the Eurasian steppes dated to the early fourth millennium B. Migration waves from Central Asia introduced the tradition to the Balkans via south Russia and to Anatolia via Transcaucasia. The earliest tumulus identified in Turkish Thrace goes back to the third millennium B. In spite of extensive exploration and excavations at the tumuli in Bulgaria, the first extensive exploration of tumuli in Turkish Thrace was initiated, with the inducement of Atatiirk and within the frame of Thracian studies by the Turkish Historical Society in 1936. *) Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Classical Archaeology, Istanbul.

window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !A trove of 2,976 silver Roman coins stamped with emperors and their family members has been unearthed in Sofia, Bulgaria, at an ancient Roman and Thracian city inside the city’s borders.Archaeologists say the name of the apparent owner of the hoard was inscribed on the clay vessel in which they were stored.Henryk Paner Location: right bank of the Nile, from Karima to el Dawali Type of site: cemeteries and occupation sites, Neolithic to Modern Period Dating: Palaeolithic – Modern Period Crimea - archaeological investigation in Chersonesus Taurica Supervision: Prof. Mahmoud el Tayeb Location: Zuma, Merowe el Sheriq and Tanqasi, Sudan Type of site: fortifications and cemeteries with tumuli (barrows)Dating: 4th – 6th century Mele Hairam - Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Iran Supervision: Assist. Barbara Kaim Location: site Mele Hairam in Sarachs oasis in southern Turkmenistan Type of site: Zoroastrian Fire Temple Dating: Sassanid period (AD 2nd-7th c.)Naqlun (Nekloni) - monastery in Fayyum, Egypt Supervision: Prof. Włodzimierz Godlewski Location: Deir el Malaq, Fayyum, Egypt Type of site: hermitage complex and Medieval monastery Dating: late 5th – 14th century Ptolemais - investigating a Roman villa and town topography. Tomasz Scholl Location: Tanais, northern coast of the Azov Sea, Russia.Tadeusz Sarnowski Location: Sevastopol region (Ukraine)Type of site: rural area of Chersonesus Taurica Dating: Roman Period Makuria - fortifications and cemeteries, Karima, the Sudan Supervision: Prof. Type of site: town of classical antiquity, Greek colony Dating: 3rd c. Tell Arbid - a town in northern Mesopotamia Supervision: Prof. Piotr Bieliński Location: Tell Arbid, NE Syria (Khabur basin). Dating: 3rd – 1st millennium BCTell el-Retaba - Egyptian citadel in Wadi Toumilat Supervision: Dr.

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