Christano ronaldo dating kim

Kim Kardashian gets cozy with Portuguese soccer star and denies she cheated on Reggie with Kanye.Kim Kardashian got to be front and center and the United States' biggest sporting event of the year when boyfriend Reggie Bush's New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in January, and now she's angling for a spot at the world's biggest sporting event, this summer's World Cup in South Africa.We're just so excited that this story is about attractive people and not golf.Kim and Reggie broke up for the nine thousandth time last month; they'd been dating on and off since 2007.Georgina, who is reported to have worked at a Gucci store in Madrid before embarking on her new romance, is believed to have caught Cristiano's eye in the VIP section of a recent Dolce & Gabbana party.It is said that they dated in secret for a few months, before going public with their romance by enjoying a date at Disneyland Paris in November.Newly single Kim Kardashian and hunky Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo recently hooked up in Madrid, Spain, a Kardashian pal confirms to Us On Monday, Kardashian 29, had a romantic lunch with Real Madrid star Ronaldo, 25, at eatery La Dorado.

Where we're sure they discussed the finer points of the 4-4-1-1 offense and then departed cordial friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets love on and off the field and while he's been officially booed up to Irina Shayk for almost two years, he's lived quite the bachelor life over the past decade.

The star soccer player has achieved a lot in his career and has won pretty much every award possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo AND Kim Kardashian were front and center at the J Lo concert in Vegas over the weekend -- dancing their faces off!!!

Somehow, the super famous celebs managed to score some pretty sweet seats -- front and center -- and danced the entire show. was hanging with her BFF Larsa Pippen -- while Ronaldo was with his man crew, nursing a beverage the entire show. BTW, Ronaldo had his own private security guard watching over his VIP area -- but he did give the green light to some fans to come over and take some pics.

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