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S., up 14 percent from two years earlier, according to a 2013 study from the Urban Institute, a social and economic policy think tank. The Tidewater thread of an online forum called indicates at least 40 Asian massage parlors have set up shop on the southside. The customers on refer to themselves as “mongers,” short for “whoremongers.” Online, they swap stories from the hunt, rating businesses, services and women in graphic detail.“Basically it’s a game where they try to give as little as possible for as much payment as they can get and we try to get as much as we can out of it as well,” reads one comment.Clients on another site – – indicate 29 have provided some form of sex over the past nine months. The thread for the Tidewater region, started in November 2010, has grown to 66 pages with nearly 1,000 posts.The activist, Regina Akhmetzyanova, spends her evening going to such clandestine brothels to give out condoms and to offer sex workers an HIV test.This is particularly important for prostitutes since infection rates in Russia are currently growing, with more than 103,000 new cases identified in 2016, up five percent on the previous year, while the real total is likely to be significantly higher.Melissa Song leaves the Chesapeake General District Court on Friday, April 1, 2016, after she pleaded guilty to providing massage services without a license.Song was one of 14 women arrested during a raid of six Chesapeake massage parlors in January.It happened at a massage parlor, in an ordinary strip mall, tucked between a hair salon and a mortgage broker. They’re known as Asian massage parlors, and some sell more than massages.Fuzhen Zhao, 53, showed an undercover officer to a room. During the massage, she crossed a line, making it obvious something illegal was on the menu.“Not today,” the officer said, shaking his head. It ended with her swatting his bottom and urging him to return. It’s impossible to know exactly how many of the parlors there are in South Hampton Roads.

Song was one of 14 women arrested in a January raid of six Chesapeake massage parlors.A massage parlor in Providence Square Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, photographed on Friday, April 11, 2016.Two women were arrested at the parlor last year and later convicted of prostitution.Guiqin Du leaves Chesapeake General District Court on Friday, April 1, 2016, after Judge Robert Carter found her guilty of unlawful activity and providing massage services without a license.Like many of the women arrested in a January raid of six Chesapeake massage parlors, Du is from Flushing, a neighborhood in New York's Queens borough.

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Usually, it appears, the service supplied is a “happy ending,” meaning a masseuse uses her hands to bring a customer to climax. The men give each other negotiating advice and complain when a masseuse is too plump or doesn’t dress nicely enough, or when a session ends with “a light billfold and a frown on my face.”Lingo is heavy with acronyms that take a glossary to decode.

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