Bukharian jew dating site

Bukharian jew dating site

But for the majority in the tight-knit community, being a Bukharian Jew increasingly means emphasizing the cultural traditions they brought with them from Uzbekistan, creating organizations and institutions to perpetuate knowledge of Bukharian Jewish history, food, music, and family values.Abayev, for example, defines himself as "50 percent Bukharian, 30 percent Jewish, and 20 percent American." He talks passionately about attending celebrations with Bukharian music, eating traditional home-cooked food, welcoming guests, and spending Friday night dinners with family.Uzbekistan's economy deteriorated, leaving few opportunities for its citizens.

S., she began to see the differences between her Jewish practice and the observance of those around her. He attended American schools, wears chic professional clothes, sips coffee at Starbucks, and speaks perfect English, with little indication that until 1991 he lived in Uzbekistan.At 29, Abayev still lives with his parents in Fresh Meadows, Queens, because in the culture of the Bukharian Jews, whose traditions developed in Central Asia, adults leave home only to begin their own families.Rybakov hopes to expand to theater, sports clubs, college planning sessions, and more."We want to continue among youth the music, culture, and traditional knowledge," he said.

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"I always felt proud of being a Bukharian Jew," he said.

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