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It is requested that any corrections and suggestions should be sent to the Director of Intelligence.

11 Masculine Owing to the novel nature of this Vocabulary and to the fact that it has been considered desirable to get the first edition through the printers as quickly as possible, it will necessarily have many omissions and mistakes.

Each new comer has to pick up a large num- l)er of most necessary words as best he can, with the result that he is often content with learning just sufficient to enable him to make liis meaning intelligible, or to pass the various Government examinations, and even this minimum he acquires more slowly than necessary.

In trilitc M'id words wlicrc the second letter in Arabic lias a suk Piii, i.e.

where there is no vowel between the .second and third letters, a kasra is generally inserted, e.g. kelb but this is again omitted when any addition is made to the word as 4l JIS" kelbu, his dog; not kelibu. English Arabic Transliteration Adjudication, Prior Hukm sabig.

mabsut minnak konak ragil samih (I am pleased with you because you are a good man). It is also occasionally used to express " in the time of, " as Aj Aj II Jy fog el Mahdiya, in the time of the Mahdia.

In the above J (li) is understood before kun and sometimes but not generally put in. and rarelv in the Western Sudan in the place of xs- ! The expression jiaj j " fi batn " is much used for "in" or "insidt" as : j^\ ^ j fi batn el beit, in the house. A small number of words are regularly used to express meanings somewhat different from their original sense, thus: (haddas) or JS^ (kellem) for " to answer." and A^ (sallam) for " to kiss," e.g. *-JU sa'ltu mahaddasni, 1 asked hiiu l)nt ho did not reply. English Arabic Transliteration Account, Banking On — of.

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