An error occurred while updating the default player 3g mobile chat with girl sex

An error occurred while updating the default player

In your case however it seems that you are mistakenly trying to define the id manually when using an auto-numbered (identity) field.

From the exception message it seems that the problem is with the database. Well from my experience that is usually triggered by a db error, in my case it was a trigger associated with the table that was failing and throwing the root exception.

Generate Sql(Db Command Tree tree, List`1& parameters, Command Type& command Type, Boolean is Local Provider) at System.

Create Command(Db Provider Manifest provider Manifest, Db Command Tree command Tree) at System.

The main cause of this error is generally errors on your hard drive.

Execute(Update Translator translator, Entity Connection connection, Dictionary`2 identifier Values, List`1 generated Values) at System. Update(IEntity State Manager state Manager, IEntity Adapter adapter) at System. Update(IEntity State Manager entity Cache) at System. Currently i'm trying to update my database with a new highscore when ever the player dies. ID = 6; //I just hardcoded in 6 to make sure i wasent because of the new Id //thing, and i have checked if theres already something on the sixths spot as well. But it keeps throwing that exception at me, no matter what i choose to try and save.

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Since yesterday, I have not been able to import any movie as I have been getting the following error an unknown error has occurred while reading the video file.

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