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Back in the day, before they revamped the show that ultimately killed the original flavor, this was one variety show that I would watch religiously because its format of gossip talk, short skits, making fun of anything and everything in the K-showbiz and even performances, sometimes impromptu, really pushed the envelope of of K-variety shows that many present versions somehow lack.

For example the old SGB had the 'luxury' of invting the most popular and trending celebs of that time, and not just idol singers but actors, announcers, sports personalities, showbiz personalities or anyone that fetched the highest popularity in the netizens search engines.

When asked by the MCs if it isn't Henry, she looked shy about it...

- On a 2011 radio show, Noh Hong Chul asked Amber if she ever dated a foreigner. Normally, knowing Amber's personality, she would've said no right away.

There were lots of laughs and surprising amount of touching upon scandals in the Lunar New Year's special of KBS 2TV's past variety program, 'Star Golden Bell,' including Lee Kuk Ju's dating scandal with Henry.

That checkered button up, which Amber also lent to Krystal at the airport, is the same as Henry's...

Steven Spielberg What was really funny is that as I got older all those guys who called me a sissy in junior high school wanted me to be their best friend because they wanted to meet all the girls that I knew in figure skating.

Scott Hamilton I just want to say to women, ' Be yourself - it's the inner beauty that counts.

The timing of when they both wore it is similar as well.

This is when the suspicions began because although Amber is close with male idols, she rarely matches her clothing with them.

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Although I'm not an ELF, I know Henry is someone who always posts the captions literally not meaning any of it.

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